Dr. Cheon and the Lost Talisman (2023) (Korean)

Despite being the heir of a family that has safeguarded the village for generations, “Dr. Cheon” is a fake exorcist who doesn’t believe in ghosts. Then comes “Yoo-kyung,” a client who can see spirits, seeking his help. With an offer that’s hard to refuse, Dr. Cheon delves into the events at Yoo-kyung’s home and stumbles upon the secret of “Seolgyeong,” a mystical talisman intertwined with his destiny. How will Dr. Cheon, a fake exorcist, confront a formidable case of possession like never before?

Dr. Cheon and the Lost Talisman (2023)

Release Date: 2023-09-27

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Genre: Action, Thriller, Mystery

Cast: Gang Dong-won as Dr. Cheon, Heo Joon-ho as Bum-cheon, Esom as Oh Yoo-kyung, Lee Dong-hwi as Kang In-bae, Kim Jong-soo as Mr. Hwang, Park So-yi as Oh Yoo-min

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