The Pastor (2016)

A man rises from darkness.

An imprisoned former gang leader discovers his faith in God while in solitary confinement. When he comes out, he becomes a Pastor and is committed to protecting the youth in his gang-infested Hispanic community. One gang leader targets the Pastor’s new mission and community – the church is vandalized, his life is threatened and his estranged wife is kidnapped. Fighting his inner demons and violent instincts, the Pastor must decide between maintaining his newfound faith or returning to the cold-blooded killer he once was.

The Pastor (2016)

Release Date: Jan 25, 2016

Country: United States of America

Language: English

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Cast: Arturo Muyshondt as The Pastor Franky G as Luca Ramirez Angelic Zambrana as Sister Micah A. Hauptman as Captain Raphe Ismael Cruz Córdova as Netto Victoria Cartagena as Mercia Alvarez Miriam Cruz as Grandma

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