Windcatcher (2024)

In a small country town, a trio of unlikely friends – Percy Boy, Keithy Cobb and Daisy Hawkins – band together to take the local school sports day title from a group of grade five bullies. But as Percy Boy trains with the help of his mates, he then discovers his supernatural ability to see lost souls – a gift passed down from his grandfather. Percy Boy must overcome his fears, prove his resilience and become a force to be reckoned with.

Windcatcher (2024)

Release Date: Mar 28, 2024

Country: Australia

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family

Cast: Lennox Monaghan as Percy Boy Coco Greenstone Lisa Maza as Aunty Prue Max Turner Ngali Shaw Jessica Mauboy as Aunty Cressida Pia Miranda Marta Kaczmarek as Lou Jessica McNamee as Sharon Cobb Kelton Pell as Grandpa

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