Alienoid: Return to the Future (2024) (Korean)

At long last, all secrets shall be unveiled

Ean has a critical missionto return to the future to save everyone. However, she becomes trapped in the distant past while trying to prevent the escape of alien prisoners who are locked upin the bodies of humans. Meanwhile, Muruk, who helps Ean escape various predicaments, is unnerved when he begins sensing the presence of a strange being in his body. Traveling through the centuries, they are trying to prevent the explosion of the haava.

Alienoid: Return to the Future (2024)

Release Date: Jan 10, 2024

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Cast: Ryu Jun-yeol as Muruk Kim Tae-ri as Ean Kim Woo-bin as Guard / Thunder Lee Ha-nee as Min Gaelin Yum Jung-ah as Madam Black Jo Woo-jin as Mr. Blue Kim Eui-sung as Jajang / Doctor Jin Sun-kyu as Nong-pa

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